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Why WordPress?

 smalltick 74+ Million Websites use WordPress!

smalltickWordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015!

smalltick16+ Billion People view WordPress Sites every single month!

smalltickMore than 42% of top 1 million websites use WordPress!

smalltickMillions of website owners use WordPress and thousands more are coming along every day!

smalltickAll those WordPress users represents a Huge potential customer base!

smalltickAll these WordPress customers are Desperate for software solutions!

A Product People LOVE
People always love WP products and more over its a video and PLR Product. We always over-deliver on value...

Million Dollar Niche
WordPress is the hottest Niche and specifically WordPress Software to be exact. 74+ Million Websites use WordPress...

Complete Members Area
We have created a Members Area where you can watch all the videos and also you can download all the videos, software and Reports...

Keep 100% profits
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Both online and offline marketers can make a killing using this up-to-date WP Training Videos.
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From the Desk of Purna Atmakuri
Dear online and offline marketers,

Purna Atmakuri

Making Money is harder than ever,

Lets Face it.

I'm sure you've heard of stories of people earning tens of thousands of dollars every single month...

So how would you like to join the league of these elite Marketers?

The sad truth is, if you're just starting out and hope to make big bucks from just promoting other peoples Products, then it's going to be an uphill task for you.

The reason is because, most people would have given up before they actually mastered all the nitty gritty stuff involved in creating videos and that too great quality product.

Yes I know it sounds sad, but that's the cold hard truth!
Maybe you've often wished there was a way to make real money without much work or spending a lot of money.

If that's what you've been looking for, then keep reading...

I have spent a lot of time and money online, I mean a Lot and I have found out that the majority of the internet-marketing models out there are not what they claim to be anymore.

I have even bought those push button software's that promises one click money making. Maybe you have come across such solutions.

I have discovered something great, something that will definitely make you real money and skyrocket your success. So I stopped doing everything that was not working, and I started doing this very thing that is really working and making real money right now... Let me reveal the successful marketers secret...
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You might have heard about product launches, right? Creating and launching eBooks, Video Courses and Software to a hungry people is a big business and it's making thousands of people rich.

So I stopped everything I was doing wrong and started focusing on Product Creation & Product Launches. To make money consistently and be successful you need to have your own products.

If you own the perfect product, then you really have a powerful profit making machine that you can turn on whenever you want, and make money from it as many times as you want from the same audience that is passionate about it.

I do know that creating a product takes a lot of time and effort. Not only time and effort you need to have great talent. You need to be extremely good at writing content and you need to be good at creating a great and extremely high converting sales page which can do the selling for you even while you sleep.

You are not done yet, To create Video products you need to sit and record live videos and should have the ability to talk on the microphone. More over you also need to have all the software tools and expertise to create videos and all the other components of the product... such as good graphics. Let me tell you that there is a lot of things you need to learn to create a very good quality product like this.
But If You Are Anything Like I was, You Are Probably Feeling Locked Out, Because...
  • You are not an expert.
  • You don't have the time or money to create a product.
  • You don't have huge email list.
  • You do not know how to create videos.
It's very Hard and time taking to create HD video training products!
Creating a Video product takes anything between 3 to 6 months of your time and that too if you have enough knowledge about the topic or niche.

Even if you ever wanted to outsource it, you still need to find the right people to create in the first place and which is really hard to find and also you need to spend thousands of dollars from your pocket to just create one video product like this...

It takes a lot of time and money to look for highly talented people to create it for you… If you find someone to create, You could easily get a total amount of at least 300 hours of work for which you have to pay them.

Let’s say even if you pay them just under $10/hour as a minimum. That’s $3000+ right there.

And that’s why I´m here to present you with my latest product in the hottest topic “WordPress PLR/Reseller Package.” It’s ready to plug in and start making you as much money as you want starting today.

I have created this product with all the videos giving you Private Label Rights (PLR) that you can make it yours and slap your name on and start to sell as your own...
We Proudly Present...Complete WordPress PLR/Reseller Monster Package!
Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside Members Area!
#1: WordPress 101 Tutorial Videos
(With Private Label Rights)
What You'll Receive With This PLR License:
All 6 Modules - Video Training Course You can Sell!
You Get All 6 Modules - 48 Videos MP3's to Download!
All 6 Modules - 48 Videos Play in Members Area!
WordPress 101 Tutorial Videos (With PLR)
WordPress 101 Tutorial Videos is a complete set of Videos consists of 48 Tutorial Videos in 6 Different MODULES which walk you through all the important aspects of WordPress from basics to intermediate to advanced topics. (Total of 2 Hours and 28 Minutes worth of Videos)
Module 2: WORDPRESS BASICS (16 Videos)
Module 6: LAUNCH AND BACKUP (3 Videos)
Here's How You Can BENEFIT GREATLY From Having These WP Training Videos!


smalltickYES. Watch these Videos yourself whenever you are unsure of how to perform any of the tasks!

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Now, at this point you might be thinking All of this is great Purna.. How do i get people to buy my product?


Its a Great Question. After all,

No Traffic = No Money Right?

Don't Worry... I have got you covered!

Beacuse... You are also getting my INSTANT TRAFFIC System. 25 step-by-step How to training videos showing you How to drive targeted WordPress buyer traffic to your Product. 

As you can see you are getting a Completely Done for you Business in a Box.

You are going to get everything you need to finally build a profitable business online.

WP Biz in A Box (Monster PLR)
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#2: 25 Instant TRAFFIC Methods
25 Instant TRAFFIC Methods
25 Proven methods to get Targeted Traffic to your Website!
=> Without website traffic your online business will not survive.
=> Traffic brings you the audience that takes action on your site.
=> Targeted website traffic is the best type of traffic you can get.
=> Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
=> Rely on traffic from a variety of sources.
=> Be consistent with your traffic efforts.
=> Remember that content is key to any traffic strategy
What You'll Receive With This Video Series:
25 Traffic Methods PDF Guide!
25 Videos Play in Members Area!
25 Traffic Methods MP3's to Download!
You Get All 25 Videos, 25 MP3's and PDF Guide to Download!
#3: 10 FREE Video Tools Course
(With Resale Rights)
What You'll Receive With This Video Course:
10 FREE Video Software Tools PDF Guide!
11 Videos Play in Members Area!
You Get All 11 Videos and PDF Guide to Download!
10 FREE Video Tools (Resale Rights)
Why pay for expensive audio/video software tools like
Camtasia and Screenflow when you can download these 10 powerful tools for free!

Put these no-­‐cost software tools to work for you to record, edit, encode, reformat and host and playback your audios and videos...Enjoy!

What you will learn in this Video Course?
=> You will Learn Basic Video Creation.
=> You will learn how to screen capture using Jing.
=> You will also learn how to use Camtasia to record your screen.
=>You are going to learn how to use FREE Windows Live Movie Maker to edit videos.
=> In this Video course you will learn how to record quality Audio using Free Audio Tool.
=> You will also learn how to make videos play in android and apple devices from FREE software.
=> And finally you will learn all the features of FREE Video Player.
And You Also Get Your Hands On These Useful SPECIAL REPORTS...
#1: WordPress 101 Guide
WordPress 101 Guide
WordPress 101 is The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your WordPress Blog. It's 66 Page eBook in PDF document which is a detailed guide explaining step by step how to set up your WordPress Blog in the right way.

What you will learn in this Video Course?
=> Installing and Updating WordPress Automatically and manually using FTP.
=> How To Clean Up A New WordPress Blog.
=> How to Change Your Permalinks Structure.
=>How to Create New Posts and pages in WordPress.
=> How To Install Plugins and themes Automatically and also manually.
=> Adding videos and audio player to your blog.
=> All basic and advanced settings you will learn from this eBook
You Get PDF Version of this eBook to Download!
#2: WordPress Security System
WordPress Security System
What you will learn in this Special Report?

This Special guide will teach you Top 12 Ways to Protect Your WordPress Blog or Site from hackers.

In this Special Report you are going to learn how to keep your WordPress site safe. First of all, please take note that WordPress is a very secure platform in and of itself.

However, it is open to vulnerabilities just like every other popular platform out there. So, you need to know how to keep your WordPress site secure yet accessible.
You Get PDF Version of this eBook to Download!
#3: 75 Ways To Make Money with Your WP Blog
75 Ways To Make Money with Your WordPress Blog
What you will learn in this eBook?
Let’s be honest blogging is great fun! It’s especially fun if you are blogging about something near and dear to you, like your book, your product or service, or your business. Add “making money from your blog” to the mix and you have a combination that’s hard to beat!

If you’re like most bloggers you want to make money with your blog. The good news is you can. It’s possible to earn a couple hundred dollars a month with your blog, and some even replace your “day job” completely!
There are two general ways to make money with your blog; through your blog or because of your blog.

This Guide will show you many different ways to make money with your Blog. Pick a couple, mix and match and you will be making money in no time
You Get PDF Version of this eBook to Download!
#4:25 WordPress Plugin Reviews
25 WordPress Plugin Reviews
What you will learn in this Special Report?

This is special done for you 25 WordPress Plugins Reviews Affiliate Spread Sheet. We have done all the research and found the 25 Best Selling and very useful WordPress Plugins that are selling like hot cakes.

Along with the plugins we also provide you with all the 25 Plugins websites and Affiliate Signup Pages so that you can signup as an affiliate and start to promote and earn good affiliate commissions.

These WordPress Plugins are proven to convert. We have done all the hard work so you don't have to put your time and effort in finding these hot selling WP plugins.
You Get PDF Version of Affiliate Spreadsheet to Download!
7 Premium WordPress Plugins
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Selling WordPress Plugins is a multi-million dollar opportunity today! Its only getting bigger and bigger every day... Many online marketers are earning tens of thousands of dollars selling these kind of Premium WordPress Plugins to people looking for solutions.

These Plugins helps people get more traffic, get more social media exposure, build a list and so much more. WordPress software means Money.

By far the most profitable opportunity is WordPress Software, WordPress Plugins and Themes. Selling WordPress Plugins is much easier than selling information products. Why... because it has the higher perceived value so you can charge a Premium Price.

Bottom line is WordPress Plugins sell like HOTCAKES... There is almost endless opportunities in this market and it's almost IMPOSSIBLE to saturate.
Unfortunately... There is a real PROBLEM that send most marketers running up the hills.
Software is DIFFICULT, EXPENSIVE and TIME CONSUMING to create. For example even a simple WordPress Plugin can cost $3000+ to develop. Any updates? Often costs $1000+ a pop. You also need some sort of sales page to sell the Plugin. It would cost you $2000+ for a sales page that converts.

If you ever hire a out-sourcer to develop the plugin, dealing with Freelancer is a Nightmare... You could easily spend over $6000+ just to get started.

You can Profit by selling WordPress Software WITHOUT writing a single line of code or paying OUTRAGeOUS fees to have your Plugin developed. You can do this even if you have no experience at all...

Here's how... I have created a Complete Package that includes EVERYTHING you need to start today without paying any development, design,sales pages, anything else.

Best of all, these WP plugins come with PROVEN to convert Sales pages for each of these Valuable Plugins! So you don't have to worry about how to you are going to actually sell this WP Plugins. Because these sales pages do all the hard work for you and sell this software automatically.
7 Premium WP Plugins (With Resale Rights)
For All 7 Plugins - You Get Complete Sales Pages that You can Start to Sell Today!
You can Download All the 7 Plugins and the sales Pages from within the Members Area!
28 Premium WordPress Themes
(With Resale Rights)
Here's your chance to serve the WordPress Theme Market with exactly what they want right now... People are looking for "WordPress Themes" WordPress Themes are selling like HOTCAKES right now.

Without writing a single code are spending thousands of dollars to develop WP themes here you are going to get not one but 28 Premium WordPress Themes which you can start to sell and keep all the profits 100% starting today.

To develop one of this themes would cost you $3000+ and a lot of hassle.

Not only can you sell this series of themes, you can use them yourself. They are all Wordpress 3.0+ ready and designed by someone that actually knows the ropes.

Each have a "clean" footer, meaning they are not encrypted. You can add your own information with ease. Once installed the footers are even editable in the dashboard.

For 16 WordPress Sales Page Themes! NOT only will you be getting Wordpress themes, I have also included Blogger and HTML versions so you can target those markets also if desired.
28 Premium WP Themes (With Resale Rights)
For All 12 WP Power Themes - You Get Complete Sales Pages that You can Start to Sell Today!
For All 16 WP Sales Page Themes - You Get Complete Sales Pages that You can Start to Sell Today!
You can Download All the 28 WP Themes and the sales Pages from within the Members Area!
The Fact is... You can turn any one of these Instant Products into a Brand New Revenue Stream within 24 hours from right now...

But even if you don't want to make money by selling this amazing Video trainings and WordPress Software. You can use it yourself to grow your own WordPress Sites and build Passive Income by accessing these How to Training Videos, Installing this brand new WP themes and Plugins.
Only If You Act Fast, I m Also Giving You These HOT BONUSES Too...
(With Private Label Rights)
What You'll Receive With This PLR License:
  • A copy of this sales page
  • 1 ready to go download page
  • 5 customizable lessons
  • 1 ready to go squeeze page
  • 1 ready to go thank you page
  • A complete graphic package + the editable PSD graphics
Publishing With WordPress (PLR Rights)
The "Publishing With WordPress" crash course was specifically designed to show even absolute beginners how WordPress can be used to quickly build websites and publish content online.

The best part is with the private label rights to this course not only will you be able to learn the ins and outs of using WordPress for your own business, you will be able to pass that knowledge on to your customers and subscribers. You will be providing them with quality information that will help them understand what WordPress is and how they can use it to quickly publish their own content online!
What's Included in the...."Publishing With WordPress" Crash Course Package?
With this series you will receive 5 preformatted email lessons that have quick and easy to understand information that you and your subscribers can start using to immediately impact your business! The "Publishing With WordPress" package contains everything you need to start using and selling it right away!
More traffic = make more sales right? Obviously, the answer is yes! The Internet is a constantly changing universe and with social networking becoming the top way to generate traffic, it’s important to harness it to your advantage.

In fact, many webmasters report that Pinterest is creating more traffic for their websites than YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+… combined!

If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, it’s not too late. You can start “pinning” and make your website Pinterest friendly with a few simple steps.

This ebook will help you master Pinterest and leverage it to your advantage. You can easily generate large amounts of high-quality traffic with minimal effort on your part.
(With Resale Rights)
Each one of these Software Tools, Special Reports and All the Bonuses would cost you Thousands to Create/Develop from Scratch!
But, I am giving you full resell rights to the entire package when you join WPPLRMonster Today!

Which means you will have all the Video trainings and a whole bunch of Premium, in-demand products that you can sell and profit 100% from today.

As you can see, you are getting a Completely Done for you Business in a Box. There's nothing been left out. From a high quality HD Training Videos to High quality WordPress Software to WordPress Niche research to Traffic Generation...

You are going to get everything you need to finally build a Profitable Business Online and make 2015 a Best Year.
In fact you are going to be powered with not one but 3 different ways to make money with this package!


smalltickFIRST. No 1 you can build a list of prospective WordPress Buyers. You can profit by offering your own high-quality products and software and you are able to keep 100% profits.

smalltickSecond. You can Earn Commissions as an affiliate from the offers loaded up for you inside the Special reports.

smalltickThird. As i mentioned even if you have no intention of selling any of these products.. you can grow and profit from your own WordPress Sites.

Limited Time Offer!
This is a Special Offer and especially with a really low price like this, It won't last very long, so take advantage of this PLR/Reseller Package with the greatest quality ever while is still available to the public.

Remember this perfect PLR/Reseller product is a “Limited Time Offer”. I’m allowing only 7 days to get access to this PLR/Reseller Package at this very low price. You will not see this offer at any other place nor at any other time guaranteed.
WP Business in A Box (PLR)
One-Time Only Payment – No monthly charge. Its only One-Time Payment!
All said, You are going to get Instant Access to All Completely tested and Proven WordPress Products inside the Hottest Online Niche
So Lets Sum Up the Package:

Lets review and see how much you would pay if you are creating entire Video Trainings, WordPress Products and Software by yourself.  


smalltickWP 101 Videos (All 6 Modules):  (Worth $997)

smalltick7 Premium WP Plugins: (Worth 7x$2000)

smalltick28 Premium WP Themes: (Worth $997) 

smalltick4 Special Reports: (Worth $497)

smalltick10 FREE Video Tools Course: (Worth $497)

smalltickInstant Traffic Method: (Worth $997)

smalltick4 Bonuses: (Worth $497)

To create a proven product that you are getting in this WP PLR Monster Package. It could easily cost you almost $18000. I did not even mention about the time you need to spend. It takes easily more than 6 to 9 months to create all these products.

That's what makes this system such a Huge Shortcut fro you. We have already done all the Hard work for you so that you don't have to... Meaning that you will be able to turn around and resell any of these products immediately and keep 100% of the Profits.

Yeah, that is the estimated costs for creating a truly high quality product like this. And you can have it just by making a simple click in the button below for dirt cheap.
Are you ready to Grab this Opportunity and make a Huge difference in your life this year?
You finally have the great opportunity to have your own high quality product. You finally can say “YES, I have a product”. You finally have the chance to make cool money on autopilot and start getting recognition among people selling high quality stuff to businesses and other marketers.

Millions and millions of dollars are often invested on PLR/Reseller Content, and all of it is for both of us. Let’s use it and reach our most precious marketing goals with it.

WordPress is extremely hot. More over Video Trainings and WordPress Plugins and Themes are very hot. So many Individuals and Businesses need this as soon as possible. And you can have it right here in your hands today.
OK, Well here is the best part. You can Access this complete Business in a Box for less than what you would spend to take your kids to lunch at McDonald's!

There's no doubt you are getting an Amazing Value here...
YES - Believe it or not, this WordPress Monster Package is only going to cost you... $27 That's it - No strings, No Hidden Fees!
Just to let you know that I have paid thousands of dollars to create all of this training and software for you. Now without spending thousands of dollars you can gain access to this complete package for just $27.
Lets Make It A HUGE NO-BRAINER with This Amazing Guarantee...
Samp (1)
100% Risk Free Purchase!

This is a risk-free purchase. If you are not happy with it for any reason at all, you will receive a full refund as long as it is within 30 days of purchase. We are so confident that you are going to love it. We stand by our products 100%.
YES - I Want To Make Serious Money By Selling This Awesome Video Trainings, Software and Special Reports.


smalltickYES. Please give me immediate access to all 6 Modules of "WordPress 101 Tutorial" video training with PLR Rights for the low, one-time investment of just $27

smalltickYES. I understand I am short-cutting thousands of hours of painstaking research, trial and error by getting my hands on this battle-tested and proven method for making big money even if I don't have a expertise, list, time or money to spend.

smalltickYES. I understand you're giving me the complete 25 Instant Traffic video training in a easy to copy and deploy, step-by-step format.

smalltickYES. I want immediate access to this 4 Special Reports right away so I can start applying it today and finally start making money as an affiliate.

smalltickYES. I understand you will also be granting me exclusive access to 7 Premium WordPress Plugins and  28 Premium WordPress Themes with resale rights to generate income even faster.

smalltickYES. I also get access to 3 Hot Bonuses that i can use to sell and keep 100% Profits.

smalltickYES. I get access to Complete Members Area that i can use to watch all the Tutorial Videos and to Download all the Videos, Software, Special Reports and All the Bonuses. And Updates for 1 year full Year.

smalltickYES. Finally I have the great opportunity to have My Own High Quality Product and Software that I can sell and keep 100% Profits.

Samp (1)There is no risk whatsoever and I should Grab The WordPress PLR Monster Package RIGHT NOW for just the small, ONE-TIME, ONE-OFF investment of just $27

I have a FULL 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, and nobody is allowed to ask me anything or try to pitch me something else if I decide to ask for my money back.

YES - I Want To Make Serious Money By Selling This Awesome Video Trainings, Software and Special Reports.

Very Limited Time Offer:

Just $147 $27

WP Biz in A Box (Monster PLR)
Private Label Rights included, Sell Unlimited Copies,
Keep 100% of the Profits including all leads and buyers
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It's a GOLDEN opportunity! Secure it to sell a high quality product and... keep 100% of the profits, including the buyers list
We could sell this exclusive package for $147 (no joke), but we decided to give it to you at a really nice 82% discount with PLR only for the next 7 days.

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WP Business in A Box (PLR)
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We hate being locked into high monthly fees and think YOU should be in control of your marketing... So, you can choose this WP package for just one Payment and make as your own and also helps you to make Lot of Cash within hours from now...
WP Business in A Box (PLR)
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Keep 100% of the Profits including all leads and buyers
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To your success!


Purna Atmakuri


Chandana Mandla

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